Monmouthshire, UK

How can we contribute to a prosperous local economy that encourages entrepreneurs and job creation?

A wide range of employment and training opportunities are needed in our county, not only for young people, but also for older people whose retirement age has been extended. A vibrant economy needs well placed jobs and business that create value to sustain them.

Posted by MonmouthshireCC on the 01st Oct 2014.

Dalevans - Utilise empty shops in towns by giving free shop space to new business for trial period


Kate - There's a need for more supported apprenticeships - for example the apprenticeship scheme being run by Kent Council.


Kate - Supporting people by offering local training relative to availabole jobs in their local area


Talia - engage with business across Monmouthshire and South Wales - share ideas and experiences, business breakfasts, networking events - get people talking about how they can drive these initiatives - and what is in it for them.