Llanfoist, Abergavenny, Monmouthshire NP7 9AQ, UK

How can we build a council who cares about our built environment, and not pander to McDonalds etc?

Allowing a generic commercial operation such as McDonalds to occupy such a visible location in the Usk valley is vandalism of the highest order. This goes against stated planning policy, and one must question why planners and councillors feel this is good for their electorate.

Posted by frstep on the 02nd Oct 2014.

barneyboy - Do we really have to have another food outlet there as there is already going to be a pub??


Louise34 - I think McDonald's is sustainable - more so than many other chains. They are a good employer and offer excellent training and progression.


JacktheLad - How many farm shops do we have in the county, 10 or 15? Remember what the Coop did many years ago. Yes, they formed a cooperative from small producers, With technology advances as they are, why not a community interest company supplying click and collect or home deliveries like Waitrose etc. The CIC would the backbone for the interfaces between suppliers and customers, customers who could be internet shopping, or restaurants or even through a CIC shop in town. Short supply chains, employment good local produce, all the fluffy stuff that politicians want to see happening but what would they prefer?


davidat11 - open one of the old british food restaurants with affordable meals for me to use!