Chippenham Playing Fields, Monmouth, Monmouth, Monmouthshire NP25, UK

What's the best legal structure for Friends of Chippenham Mead - anyone with experience to offer?

We could go down the route of being an Unincorporated Association, or a Trust or even a Charitable Incorporated Organisation. What have other groups found works best? Thanks

Posted by RachelJupp on the 08th Jun 2016.

OwenWilce - Hello Rachel, If you havent already been in touch with GAVO I suggest you try the Monmouthshire community development team. Details below:

Joanne Gillard, Third Sector Development Manager, Tel: 01633 247676 Mobile: 074831 28071 email: Joanne Gillard
Mandy Moore, Third Sector Development Manager, Tel: 01633 247663 Mobile: 074831 28058 email: Mandy Moore


RachelJupp - Thanks Owen. I've had a chat with Mandy Moore who was immensely helpful and has recommended that we start as an 'unincorporated association' and progress from there.