Do we need to get more children playing out?

Do you have fond memories of playing out in your street as a kid? What are the barriers to children playing out with their friends and neighbours today? Would you be interested in coming together with your neighbours to have a 'play street' afternoon? Would this work in rural areas?

Posted by Jude_MCC on the 23rd Sep 2016.

Would you like it to be easier or safer for children to play outside?  Would yo ube interested in coming together with your neighbours and community to promote this?

Jude_MCC - Do you think this approach of closing residential streets to traffic for a few hours could work where you live? Or any better ideas?


gatehousem - It could have benefits for children's health by making them more active and bring communities together and improving peoples sense of belonging to their community. I had a look at this and found some useful resources from our neighbours in over the bridge on some of the practical things that can be done.


RachelJupp - I completely agree! I'm fearful of traffic the whole time when I'm out and about with my children. Please consider 'play streets': they are amazing and great for getting to know your neighbours. Also, a really great playground in Monmouth would be no bad thing for getting children outdoors - Friends of Chippenham Mead are campaigning for one.


RachelJupp - Ps thanks for the 'playing out' link, @gatehousem